Spending time together as a family is important. It creates special memories that are never forgotten and helps bring each other closer together. However, getting out and about can be very expensive, especially for larger families. Check out 5 family-friendly, affordable activities you can do on this list.

1.    Park: There are many parks in Arlington that can serve as a great day of fun for families. You can cook out at the park, hold a picnic, play sports, or hang out among sightseeing and participate in other activities.

2.    Bowling: Children enjoy bowling and it’s a favorite of adults. Find the best bowling alley in Arlington wa and make the day a little more special when you beat the kids in every game! It will be fun.

3.    Art Galleries: Although some kids do not appreciate art, many do, especially if you visit one of the children’s art galleries scarred in the Arlington area. Plus, art galleries are oftentimes free admission or low cost.

4.    Road Trip: Head out on the highway and you can experience awesome fun with the family.  A road trip always provides fun the family needs. You can make many discoveries along the way and once you reach your destination as well. In the Arlington area, tons of destinations are nearby.

5.    Educational: An abundance of educational activities exist in Arlington, from a science museum to history museums. Take the kids to one or more of these destinations and learn as you have fun. What could be better?

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If you want to spend time together as a family but want to save money in the process, look into the activities above. These activities are affordable and fun for all and just a handful of the many awesome things you can do together in Arlington.