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What To Do When You Are In An Auto Accident

There is nothing worse than getting into an auto accident. One minute we are driving along fine, not a care in the world and then a moment later our entire world has changed forever. After the accident there will be a process of healing and understanding what happened. This is where forensic vehicle accident investigations come in and starts to gather details. For you, your job is to start the healing process.

If you find yourself in an accident and are able, call 911 first. Obviously, if your vehicle is on fire or in any danger of exploding get out as fast as possible and then call 911. If there is no indication of fire, smoke or heat, the best thing to do is to stay inside as still as possible. You want to wait for paramedics to arrive on scene and assess your situation.

forensic vehicle accident investigations

By staying inside your vehicle you’ll be safe until help arrives. If there are injuries you don’t want to make them worse by moving. Also, a person can get disoriented and confused in an accident so stay put until the paramedics arrive on the scene.

What if I have been injured?

If you have been involved in a car accident then your body is going through a lot of changes.  Injuries have occurred, you might be sore and in pain and your body will likely react by releasing endorphins which will make you feel better (these are natural opiates that the body makes to help you deal with stress and pain).  You may even start feeling euphoric.

When you are in an accident you want to do everything that you can to stay safe and not to cause additional injuries. Try to get help as quickly as possible and listen to first responders when they arrive.

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